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Maya 2019 - New Features!

There has been a lot of talk about features, release dates and what #Maya2019 would look like from #Autodesk, here are overviewed features you don't want to miss.

Maya 2019 is focused on providing artists with a working environment that is faster, visually beautiful, and more creatively engaging.
Cached Playback is a background process that helps increase the speed of animation playback directly in the viewport, so animators can evaluate their animations more easily and produce less Playblasts.
Arnold updates in Viewport 2.0 make the viewport preview much closer to the final Arnold render, giving artists a beautiful working environment.
And, performance improvements in Maya make it faster and more responsive in ways that most artists will notice in their day-to-day work.

Autodesk Maya


Introduction to Maya 2019: Interface and Workflow with Eric Keller

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Introduction to Maya 2019", Interface and Workflow with Eric Keller.

Maya is the leading 3D Application in the game, visual effects, commercial, and broadcast industries. Maya's feature-rich toolset expands with every version and has been reorganized in this latest release. Whether you are new to using a 3D Computer Graphics package, are migrating from another 3D application or you are an experienced user who wants to see the newest features in action, the demonstrations in each chapter of this title will bring you up to speed on Maya 2019.

Veteran visual effects artist and instructor, Eric Keller, takes Maya through the paces giving you in-depth descriptions of the interface and tools. Special emphasis is placed on modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering while the demonstrations illustrate how the tools are best used in a professional workflow. The video series uses a project-based approach to introduce Maya workspaces, the Arnold rendering plug-in, instancing with MASH, setting up UVs and animation using the graph editor and animation layers. The project files included in this series can be used to follow along with the lectures or for your own deconstruction. In addition to exploring Maya's powerful toolset, you will also learn how to optimize your workflow through interface customization.

Watch the full tutorial at

Intro to Maya: Lesson 1 / 10 - Basic Skills

This tutorial quickly covers the essential skills you need to know as a Maya beginner.

Check out the whole series!




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