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The Best TVs to Buy on Black Friday 2021 - LG C1, Sony A80J, Samsung QN95A

We go through the best TVs to buy on Black Friday 2021 from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. Get Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/HDTVTest - Enter promo code HDTVTest to get 83% and 4 extra months for FREE!

0:00 Black Friday 2021!
0:26 Samsung Neo QLED Strengths
2:41 Why Buy LG C1 OLED?
3:24 Should You Upgrade to G1 Evo?
4:57 USPs of Sony TVs
6:08 Is Sony A80J Good Enough?
8:05 Panasonic JZ2000 Strengths

Thanks to Crampton \u0026 Moore for letting us visit their shop to film this video. If you'd like to get a new TV this Black Friday, please support this channel by considering buying from them... call the stores or through the chat line for the best deals:


The "Includes Paid Promotion" message in this video refers to the sponsorship by Surfshark VPN.

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Wolfman Jack : Vincent,

First order, wanna say THANK YOU. finally me and my friend both recently purchased an LG G1 about a month now received the 03.20.80 update last night here in the U.S. and the issue HDCP is now fixed.. I can now use my oppo 203 player and view movies in 4K HDR on this gorgeous beautiful G1 display. My other friend can now use his cable box and view 4K content. I’m only using two HDMI ports out of the four (one for my Sony soundbar HTST 5000 and other for my Xbox Series X) so I’m assuming my other two vacant HDMI ports are 3 and 4 are also fixed.

Thank You Vincent and everyone at HDTVTest for publicly addressing this issue, investigating the problem & getting LG to respond quickly.
Much appreciated and keep doing what you do.

P.S. if you ever get to visit NYC, I’ll gladly get you a drink on me. Thanks again.
Mohan Nair : I got a 77 C1 after debating it for nearly 3+ years now. The prices are at a point where I can kind of justify it in my head.
Stefano Costa : We recently bought a 65" Sony A80J for €1799, I think it's a good price. :)
At the beginning the idea was a 55" A90J, but most reviews says that there isn't a massive difference between these two models, so we decided to go for those extra 10 inches!
Torkel Kvande : I got my first ever LG Oled today, saved 1000 euro on the C1 65", cant wait to mount it on the wall and enjoy movies and gaming:)
Riccardo anasweh : Hi Vincent, please I need an urgent answer: I bought the Qn90a in Italy and only after I bought it a few days ago I found out my panel is IPS, not VA. Should I send it back? I paid it 930€ (costs 2000€ stock price) are there more differences other than contrast?

Sony Bravia XR OLED TV Reviews in 5 Minutes | A80J & A90J Summary

Sony A80J is one of Sony's best TVs we will tell you why. In Collaboration With @Keep It Classy Tech We give our short versions of our personal experiences with the two Sony Bravia OLED TVs of 2021 the Sony A80J and Master Series Sony A90J. We both really had our own unique reviews on the A80J months ago, this is like our 6 months later review on the TV.

Subscribe to @Keep It Classy Tech Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/KeepItClassyTech/


The A80J talked about in the video are on sale for Black Friday, please use my affiliate links below if you are buying any product on Amazon this Black Friday!

Sony A80J https://amzn.to/3iWAMmg
Sony A90J https://amzn.to/3tLm7w0

Try Amazon Prime for 30 days: https://amzn.to/3oPRhSx

Equipment I use:
HDMI 2.1 Cable (Fiber): https://amzn.to/3CwOG5Y
HDMI 2.1 Splitter: https://amzn.to/3s6NbXj
Camera: https://amzn.to/3AMNF7T
Microphone: https://amzn.to/3FZSH4L
Audio Interface / Mic Pre-Amp : https://amzn.to/3s2DI3m

Please consider using my affiliate links above for any when buying any product thank you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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Tech With KG : Want to see the difference between the A80J and A90J, well I put them side by side in this video click here:

Taylo Ren : I have both a C1 for the bedroom and an A80J for the living room. I’m using Classy’s settings for both. Let me tell you… to my eye, the A80J blows the C1 away in terms of picture quality. It just has a lot more of the wow factor thanks to the processing. Also, a lot better shadow detail.
IRL-HDR : Finally dipped my toe into the OLED world with a C1 48 inch. If I end up loving it, I’ll probably return it and go larger or keep it as a bedroom/gaming TV. Might grab a QN90A/A80J as well to see which I like more.
Sensei's Protege : On my 77” a80j I have the Motion setting on Smoothness set to 2, the default. I don’t see soap opera effect at that setting. Just smoothness bordering on soap opera. To me it’s perfect with 1 being pretty solid. 8k cityscape videos on YouTube display this well.

Game mode defaults to Peak luminance to Medium. Naturally tempted to kick it to High, but left it just to see. It’s perfect. I believe Peak Luminance chooses WHERE to highlight the most - not just make it brighter. While High looks great on Dolby Vision content, I was shocked how great Forza 5 looked at Medium. Broadcast television also looks great at Medium. Heck, some stuff looks amazeballs at LOW. Imagine a flashlight & pointing it at what you want to emphasize - that’s how I think Peak Luminance works. Anyways, here’s my game settings:

-40 Brightness
-90 Contrast
-0 Gamma
-Gradiation Preferred tone mapping
-Medium or High Peak Luminance
-60 Color
-Medium Live Color
-50 Sharpness (you can go 60 on Forza)
-OFF Reality Creation
-Medium Smooth Gradiation
-OFF Motion

This is after applying 20 point settings to Expert 1. Games look better with some saturation. Broadcast/antenna TV & anything but Dolby Vision, I kick the color to 55-60 with Live Color OFF. I prefer balanced color on most content & Live Color simply boosts the primary colors while leaving other stuff muted; great for games - not so great for movies/tv.

Red Notice as well as Meet the Mitchells animated movie on Netflix are good tests

Lastly, the only stuff I leave Brightness or, cough, the BACKLIGHT on MAX on my Sony, is with Dolby Vision. Everything else looks fine in the 35-45 range, saves my & hopefully the lifespan of the OLED.
FivePercent : I agree 100% with these KG and Tech A80J and A90J is the best OLED that looks almost LCD like with brightness; picture quality is top notch!

I Got The New PS5 Gaming TV!

If you have a PS5, this is the recommended gaming TV! Sony has NEW Playstation 5 optimized TVs for best performance on PS5.. The X85J \u0026 X90J are the recommended HDMI 2.1 4K HDR 120Hz gaming TVs for Playstation 5 consoles! Here's the best settings \u0026 how to set up your Sony gaming TV with PS5. Step one, make sure your PS5 is connected to the 4K HDR 120Hz HDMI 2.1 port! Then change your HDMI 2.1 Signal Format to Enhanced VRR, \u0026 finally make sure game mode is enabled! Those are the Sony Gaming TV settings for Playstation 5!

You can purchase both the recommended Sony X85J \u0026 X90J from Amazon by using the affiliate links below!

Sony X85J - (Lower Input Lag, Smaller Screen): https://amzn.to/3HPVK0c

Sony X90J - (Best HDR, Local Dimming):

As an associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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John Glasscock : Overall, both of these gaming TVs are great! I prefer the X85J for the slight edge in gaming performance & price.. However, the X90J does have better HDR & offers local dimming. You can't go wrong with either of these gaming TVs.
Ron Baggett : I’ve seen a lot of people and reviewers recommend the LG C1 for gaming. Do you have any thoughts on that?
Lonewolfe : Dude you’re literally where I wanna be.

I’ve been looking at both tvs. I heard the x85j had an issue displaying 4k120hz. Can you confirm this?

It will drastically help me buy the right gaming tv for me. Love your vids hope you enjoy your brand new tv!!
elirick 09 : I picked up the Samsung odyssey G5, I do love the monitor with 1ms response time and full 1440 @120fps. In retrospect however, I would have gone for the Odyssey G7 as it has speakers and 4K. Awesome review video tho, straight forward and to the point. Love your content
Mistah_Jay : Been looking for a new tv since getting the PS5 so this video is perfect thanks! Even on my old Samsung hd tv (not 4K) the PS5 graphics run really well. So can’t wait to get a proper gaming tv!




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